Manufacturing Applications Highlights

Identify, improve and monitor operational effectiveness based on advanced statistical modeling, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies.



  Asset Performance Management

Leverage cognitive APM to improve reliability and performance of equipment and assets through better visibility, predictability and operations

Improve the reliability and availability of physical assets while minimizing downtime and operating costs by Asset performance management (APM) systems.  Our comprehensive APM system is consist of condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and asset health data collection, visualization, and analytics.

Process Optimization and Analytics


Identify, improve and monitor operational effectiveness with advanced statistical modeling, artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies.

To accelerate time to value and reduce data science efforts in your organization, R-Brain provides a set of configurable templets that could be widely used for plant’s processes and assets. This approach minimizes the investment needed on machine learning and AI and empowers the internal teams to rapidly discover and apply the failure prediction methodologies.

Deep Visibility Into Operational KPIs, Metrics and Trends

Boost operational efficiency and turn machine data into answers for real-time insights

Logistics Optimization

A Centralized Solution with Core Logistics Management Functionality

Meet an executive consultant in global management and digital manufacturing

Mehran Rahbar
Former executive at Siemens, Faurecia, and Continental

Mehran Rahbar, a former executive at Siemens, Faurecia, and Continental has decades of experience in global management and manufacturing. He is an expert in providing manufacturing consulting solutions assisting organizations in implementing the change initiatives as well as leveraging  AI and ML solutions to achieve manufacturing excellence.


  • Digital manufacturing and Analytics
  • Business Improvement Strategy Development and Deployment
  • Global Lean and TPM Deployments
  • Transformation projects
  • Customized training programs
  • Skill development, coaching and mentoring
  • Kaizen events