R-brain is a secure, scalable, and centralized collaborative platform to confidently develop, validate, deliver, and monitor models with full auditability, governance and transparency.

  • Minimize the cost and effort of maintaining hardware and software by delivering a multi-tenant, multi-user and elastic development environment with minimum requirements.
  • Deliver on-demand reliable infrastructures and tools to develop and deploy advanced models and analytics.
  • Confidently fulfill development teams’ requirements without compromising stability and security by using advanced encryption standards such as SSL and AWS security APIs.
  • Delegate access of users to services and resources, monitor all activities in workloads, clusters, codes and data infrastructures, and enforce data governance policies.

Set up, monitor and control resources with advanced admin control system designed for enterprises

  • Define usage tiers
  • Control access to computational resources for each user
  • Construct your machine settings or limit the hours of usage
  • Define groups with different level of access to resources and assign users to these groups
  • Simply upload Docker images for different projects with full version control system

Get insights from your data in real-time!

R-Brain is a powerful enterprise data science platform, where you can build sophisticated models, collaborate with other team members, learn, experiment and deliver models transparently. Try for free!

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