RIDE Server for R, Python and SQL

Multi-user, multi-tenant, scalable data science IDE Server ready to install on-premises or cloud servers

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Multiple Language IDE

SQL, R and Python IDE

R-Brain IDE, console, notebook and markdown are all integrated into one environment with full language support and debugger.
Unified Environment

Unified Environment

Data View, notebooks, editor, console in one place. Install packages from Anaconda or CRAN from terminal or console.
Shiny & Bokeh support

Shiny & Bokeh support

Support for web application framework for R and Python interactive visualization library. Create your Shiny or Bokeh Apps and publish them in your library with few mouse clicks.
Powerful Data Viewer

Powerful Data Viewer

Connect to your SQL databases and pull your data. Navigate in your dataset, filter, sort and export for further analysis. Browse in your R or Pandas dataframes in development or debugging states.


Examine your code in Python & R files by setting up breakpoints and using call stack tool.
Version Control

Version Control

Take a snapshot of your projects with time and date tags to rollback your models.


Customized Workspaces

Build your custom-made workspace images and make them ready for data scientists to conveniently create their project environment. With unified and centrally managed workspace system, bring reliability, security, and efficiency into your data science program. Manage your resources among your team to save significantly in your infrastructure costs while maintaining stability in your system.


Convenient User Management

Swiftly add or remove users. By setting up organizations, conveniently set the limits for the users in terms of number of workspaces, running workspaces and available memory. Add extra level of controls to workspaces and projects by defining sub-organizations.
Beside this powerful user control dashboard, additional controls such as self-registration, email server, CPU usage and idle time are available through command line and environment variables.


Workspace Configuration and Sharing

Change workspace configuration at any time, inject environment variables or commands into your workspace. Create custom stacks by redefining your workspace configuration. You can share your workspace with other developers. Using generated private and public keys, you can SSH into your workspace securely.

Collaboration & Sharing

R-Brain infrastructure provides enhanced sharing and collaboration.


Powerful IDE

A modern IDE built for data scientists. Notebooks and text editor with full language support for R, Python and SQL.
Share workspaces & apps

Share workspaces & apps

Speed up your projects by sharing workspace and apps with your team or your clients.
Share files to the public

Share with your global network

Deploying RIDE Server on the cloud, you can build data science teams or deliver your work to your client around the globe.

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