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Welcome to the Sales Analytics Dashboard


The data was simulated using a set of scripts I created as part of a side project called orderSimulatoR. The data simulation is intended to mimic real-world sales data for an organization. The data contains information related to customer orders such as, products purchased, customer information (name and location), unit price, quantity sold, and so on. The simulated data was then used for analysis purposes as part of the Sales Analytics Dashboard.

If your interested, the product names and prices came from the bicycle manufacturer, Cannondale, but the customer names and order details are all made up from the orderSimulatoR scripts. For more information on the data set, you can view my orderSimulatoR blog post.

Cannondale Scalpel

How to Explore

There's a lot you can do with the Sales Analytics Dashboard. Here's a few suggestion to get started:

  • Imagine you are an executive at Cannondale in charge of strategy and business development. Your goal is to understand which products Cannondale's customers are purchasing, which customers are purchasing the most, and what the organization can do to improve sales.

  • Use the Reactive Inputs to filter by year, product unit price, product primary category, and product secondary category.

  • On the Analysis tab, see how the filters can be used to drill into the information. See if there are any insights that you can come up with from the data.

  • Switch to the Data tab to see how the filters control the data. Subset the data, and try downloading the csv file.

  • Use the Reset Fields button when finished. See how the data set refreshes to its original size and how all of the reactive inputs reset.

Enjoy & Leave Feedback

Let me know what you think could improve on this project. Feel free to leave me an email. The source code[1] is available on GitHub here.

[1] After installing this application, you can create a workspace with source code in your account instantly.

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Version: 1.0
Category: Marketing
Published: March 01, 2017
Author: Matt Dancho
Publisher: marami52
License: BSD-3 clause
Access to source code available
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