Binomial and Multinomial Logistic Regressions in R
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Logistic Regressions are one of the fundamental models in Machine Learning. In this course, you will learn:

  • Logistic regressions fundamentals and how to interpret estimates
  • Binomial and Multinomial logistic regressions
  • Implementing logistic regressions in R
  • Performance measurement in logistic regressions
  • Generating and understanding ROC curve
  • Building confusion metrics and understanding its elements

All data sets and codes are provided.

Requirements: Basic knowledge in R or other programing languages. Basic knowledge in statistics is also helpful.

Instructor's short Bio:

Ali Marami has PhD in Finance and B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He has several years of experience in model development and validation in banking industry.

Q&A: Your instructor answers questions in the Discussion section of this notebook in the marketplace.

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Published: July 03, 2017
Author: Ali Marami
Publisher: marami52
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