By Data Scientists, for Data Scientists

A company on its way to revolutionize the way data scientists work

We are a passionate team of data scientists and software developers aiming to make model development an enjoyable and victorious experience. Our computational environment (RIDE) provides users utmost flexibility, integration and reliability.
We believe that innovative products could not be developed without a diversified team. As such we strongly believe in open source concept and are proudly committed to Jupyter Lab open source project to build one of the best model development environments for data scientists.
Leadership team
Shadi Najiazar
Mehran Rahbar
Chairman & President
Ali Marami
Data Science Advisor
Sven Efftinge
VP Technologies
Development team
Akos Kitta
Alex Tugarev
Dr. Jan Köhnlein
Dennis Hübner
Anton Kosyakov
Moritz Eysholdt
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