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Deployment of DSP S and SM on GCP is fairly easy. In your deployment process, you can start with suggested VM and upscale or scale back based on your resource requirements. DSP needs open HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) ports to operate which is preconfigured in your deployment:

In case that your selected a VPC for deployment blocks this access, you need to whitelist them in your network configuration.

After selecting “Deploy” please wait until your instance is ready with “Green” checkmark. After that, you can reach to DSP via http://<instance-external-ip>:

Your default username is admin and your temporary password is your instance ID which you can find it here:

We strongly recommend to change your password immediately after you login by clicking on user icon at top-right corner of your page.

The admin panel is accessible at: http://<instance-external-ip>/api/admin

 HTTPS setting:

To configure your platform to run securely on HTTPS and with your own domain name:

a) you need to assign a static IP address to your instance.

b) After that, through your domain registry you need to create an Alias to forward the traffic to your instance static IP address.

 c) SSH into your instance and run (replace my.domain.com with yours):

# sudo su -
# https_nginx_setup my.domain.com

This command starts the process of issuing certificate through Let’s Encrypt and applies configurations. Please answer questions and wait until the process is completed.

# cp /home/rbrain/https_settings/setup.js /etc/local/rbrain-frontend/setup.js 
# supervisorctl restart all

Congratulations! your system is set and you can run your DSP on https://<your-domain>

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