Low-cost turnkey solution for data-driven enterprises

No matter the size of your company or budget we have a product that fits your requirements.

 Available on Kubernetes, Azure, SAP, AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace and On-Premises.

R, Python, Scala, Shiney, Bokeh

One click set up on AWS Marketplace and Google Cloud

Starts from $2.4/hour or $6499/year

No DevOps work. Build your workspace with pre-built images instantly

Build your custom-made workspace images and rapidly set your project environment. With unified and centrally managed workspace system, bring reliability, security, and efficiency into your data science program. Manage your resources among your team to save significantly in your infrastructure costs while maintaining stability in your system. Leverage version control to transform your research work and boost productivity.

Enterprise Marketplace

Develop your private library of dashboards, AI and machine learning solutions. Build a dynamic knowledge center with R-Brain’s comprehensive catalogue and tutorials or those developed inside your organization. Promote a data driven culture in your organization and deliver models or applications to executives and clients with few mouse clicks.

Manage your resources efficiently

In a secured multi-user and multi-tenant environment equipped with advanced container orchestration system, upscale and downscale your resources in few seconds. Enforce limits on the usage to control the budget and maintain a stable platform for all users.

IDE of your choice

Enable data scientists to work with their favorite IDE. A comprehensive catalogue of IDEs such as Jupyter Lab, Jupyter notebooks, Zeppelin, Rstudio, or Theia is available out of the box. Instantly build your environment with IDE of your choice and deploy with mouse clicks.

Deploy your applications in few minutes

No matter which framework you use, e.g. Shiny, Flask or Bokeh, you can deploy your applications with few mouse clicks. Restrict access to specific users or expose it to the public. The embedded load balancer of the platform will take care of the rest and enforces your access and resource allocation policies.

Powerful Admin Panel

With this sophisticated admin control system, define usage tiers, control access to computational resources for each user, construct your machine settings or limit the hours of usage. Administrators are able to define groups with different level of access to resources and assign users to these groups. Simply upload Docker images for different projects with full version control system.

Deploy APIs

After testing and fine tuning your models, you can deploy your model as a REST API and control your deployment. You can deploy the new version or rollback at anytime.

Collaboration & Sharing

R-Brain infrastructure provides enhanced sharing with different level of access. Grant full or view only access to your projects.

Comments and Collaboration

Exchange comments and feedbacks instantly on your projects or outcome of your models.

Share workspaces & apps

Speed up your projects by sharing workspace and apps with your team or clients.

Share globally

Get a public link to every file and quickly share it with your teammates.


Define and deploy periodic jobs such as updating tables or dashboards with flexible schedules. Several types of scheduling such as time-intervals, weekdays or specific days of month are available.

Increase ROI by choosing the right plan and platform. Learn more about the “DSP S” and “DSP SM” and attractive hourly and annual offerings.

Collaborative Data Science Platform for Enterprises

 Rapidly build and deliver impactful models and applications in a secure reliable environment

Try R-Brain “DSP S” and “DSP SM” on AWS Marketplace