Real time insights with AI applications

AI revolutionizes the approach to transforming unstructured data into valuable insights or actions. We work with your organization to set the AI strategies. Our team will guide you on your path to custom AI software, from the business requirements stage to user training and maintenance of the ready solutions.

We support you to build and customize AI applications:

Fraud Detection

Anomaly detection, Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) are built to detect fraudulent trading transactions, prevent money-laundering, and identify risky customers.

Text Analytics

With the rise of big data, companies are overwhelmed with more organizational data, mostly in the form of text and often unused and underutilized. Text analytics allows the existing information to be transformed into structured usable data.

BI Applications

R-Brain BI tools, methodologies and application enables organizations to collect data from internal/external sources, prepare it for analysis, run queries, and create reports with dashboards/visualizations to make the analytical results available to decision-makers.

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Unlock the value of data and accelerate turning data to actionable insights. Rapidly deliver high-impact models, utilizing pre-built applications designed for enterprise.

Get insights from your data in real time! How we can help you:

Proof of Concept

We can help you to understand what value AI can bring to your operations by validating your business ideas, and give you an early feedback.

Minimum Viable Product

We will assist you in developing a competitive, innovative solution delivered to end users reducing time-to-market.


We’d be happy to share our experience in machine learning frameworks with your team.

AI / Data Science Consultancy

R-Brain Consulting provides custom artificial intelligence solutions and implementations to maximize business success for companies and organizations across a range of industries.

Arvind Chandra is Executive Business Development at R-Brain, Inc. Europe. He currently consults with large corporates such as Toyota, Aptiv, and start-ups. In prior roles, he was Vice President Strategic Planning & Marketing at Wabco Holdings Inc. in the area of autonomous driving, electric and connected vehicles, and fleet management systems. He held position of Director of Marketing at Faurecia S. A. , and roles at Delphi & GM Corporation in manufacturing, quality, marketing, sales, R&D, business strategy in Europe, Americas, and Asia. He holds an MBA in Marketing and a MS in Robotics/Industrial Engineering.